Annette Lambeth, Rethinking Our Modern Education System

Education is one of the most hotly debated topics not only in political circles, but also the public sphere. Anyone who has had children will have an opinion on how they are educated, and will have good and bad things t say about the education system today. One thing that is becoming more widely discussed is the way in which children with learning disadvantages are taught, and how to best tailor the modern education system to allow them to thrive as the academic children do. I, Annette Lambeth, have dedicated my study life and career towards developing new methods and education programmed to help children with learning disadvantages, most specifically ADHD.

For me, Annette Godfrey Lambeth, the modern education system needs a complete revision on the way it teaches children with learning disadvantages. The modern systems are rigid, and in my opinion only seek to benefit those with academic ability. This naturally means that many children get lost in the system, and come out of school with few qualifications and little idea as to where their strengths lie. ADHD is one of the most common learning disadvantages that children are diagnosed with today. The modern treatment of such symptoms is to prescribe children as young as 11 years old with aderhall- a focus stimulating drug. Whilst fairly accepted in modern America, in the rest of the Western world, most notably Europe, this is seen as a highly controversial method. By using this treatment, it seems as if we are trying to mold children into the academically perfect people our rigid education system demands.

Instead, the modern thought among education circles is that children with ADHD would benefit more perhaps with different educational methods rather than with drugs that will no doubt have a long lasting and possibly negative effect in their lives.

My dissertation whilst studying my doctorate was in “Learning Style preferences for Secondary Students identified with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”. The aim was to develop new methods that allowed children with this learning disadvantage to better utilize their abilities and strengths, and learn in a way that they could concentrate on. My hope for the future is that more resources will be channeled into developing these proven educational methods, rather than short term solutions such as prescription drugs to change children into the students the system demands. Find out more about life and work here at Annette Lambeth’s Bio.

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