Annette Godfrey Lambeth and the Right to Education

Annette Lambeth is an academic expert in the field of education for children ages 3-21 who require educational support services. As Executive Director of Student Support Services in the Adams 12 Five Star School District in Colorado she has overseen great improvement across aspects of Special Education programming. In recent years the percentage of students who require special attention has increased, and the program needs to accommodate for a range of conditions which demand focused attention. Teachers need to be aware of the difficulties that can arise with conditions such as ADHD, dyslexia, hearing or visual impairment, emotional disturbance and more.

It is often the role of the teacher to also identify these conditions from an early age, thus education for the teachers regarding learning disabilities is ever more important. Annette Lambeth supervises related services also, including mental health services, health services, school medicaid and the overall budget pertaining to these programs. Throughout her career Lambeth has displayed a passion for bringing high quality education to each and every one of her students, reflecting her belief that education is a right and not a privilege for children in the United States. Annette Lambeth on Pinterest shows her myriad interests and articles regarding her input into this educational cause. With a team of directors, coordinators and specialists in place, Lambeth and her team work collaboratively to support schools and teachers in the Adams 12 Five Star School District.

Every student’s needs are different. Learning styles need to adapt in order to fit their requirements and understand their specific needs. What can be seen as a disadvantage to learning is not necessarily a weakness when taken into careful consideration. Adequate attention and assistance can bring every child to a high education level that matches their requirements. Accessibility is key. Since 1975 the federal government has pledged support for all schools to help cultivate strong educational resources for children with any disability or condition that affects the way that they learn.

In Annette Lambeth – Why Education is Important, Lambeth discusses having always understood the importance of education and how her passion stems from her own approach to studying. Her recognition that education symbolizes a pathway into a wider future and greater prospects in the long run has inspired her to work hard to bring this advantage to others also.

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